Rent deposit free and keep making plans

With Rimbo, you can rent an apartment without putting down any additional deposits. No need to break the piggy bank. You can enjoy your savings or invest them in something worthwhile!

Choose a flat. Keep your cash. Move the right way!

Say goodbye to deposits

We replace your rental deposit with trust. You get to keep the cash you would have paid for the deposit, and we take care of the rest in exchange for a fee. Pick an option, pay, and rent your new home!

Fast and safe

Everything is done online and very fast. Furthermore, the end of the rental is fair and transparent. Pay only if and when there are claims*.

* Up to the established limit of coverage

Get rewarded

It's about time someone rewarded you for being a model tenant! We'll give you discounts that will get you into your new home even faster, and on top of this - overtime you will increase your Tenant solvency score!

Join the deposit revolution

3 steps that will make all the difference


Found your ideal home? Great!
Contact us or ask the real estate agency to do so directly!

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Rent your flat easily, without any additional deposits!

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Your money is yours.
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What is the amount of your monthly rent?

Only 1% monthly:

0 €
(1% of monthly rent)
  • One-time registration fee of 99€
  • VAT included*
  • Additional deposit – 0€!
  • Legal deposit of 1 month, if required by law

Traditional rental

Renting with Rimbo

Legal deposit

0 €
0 €

Additional amount

0 €

2.2% of annual rent*

0 €

Total Savings

0 €

*Annual or one time payment

No plans of moving anytime soon?

If you are renting already and don't have plans to move any time soon, we also have options for you!

Get your deposit back

Invite your real estate agent to join Rimbo and you’ll soon be able to get your deposit back!  We’ll get in touch with them and let them know about all the advantages Rimbo has to offer.

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