Your platform’s missing piece is here: Deposit-As-A-Service

Be ahead of the game!
Cover the complete rent cycle. Power your solution with deposit replacement technology.

Expand your offering with Rimbo


Our API is customizable, fully automated and can be directly plugged into the booking flow, billing or CRM.

Full rent-cycle solution

Add Rimbo’s plug in to your ‘Pre-Stay’ solution, and help ‘top line’ by attracting more and qualified tenants.

Better Top line,
leaner bottom line

Deposit-free properties are rented up to 2x faster. Drive OpEx down by eliminating cash deposits management.

Be part of the deposit revolution!

Help your clients get rid of one of the biggest hurdles in residential renting. No cash deposits for a better UX and renting experience. And all that - with a quick and effortless integration!