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Make renting the best option for your properties. Keep them profitable. At no cost to you!

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Be Better Protection

Get up to 150% more protection compared to a traditional deposit. Ensure coverage for possible damages to the property, as well as non-payment of rent and utility bills.

Rent Faster

Increase your occupancy rate. Reduce the gap between tenants using Rimbo. Since no deposit is required, you will find new tenants faster and easier. Make your flat more profitable. Online and fast!

Get Reliable Tenants

Let us handle the solvency checks. It is just as important to us as it is to you to find the right tenants. Save time and minimize risks. We will help you make the right choice - cost-free.

Compare the traditional additional deposit
with Rimbo's coverage*

Monthly rental amount

Additional deposit (2 months)

Rimbo coverage

*On top of the legal deposit

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