Get rid of cash deposits:
offer Deposit Free Living

Offer your guests a better, smarter, seamless, all-included living experience

For your guests

All inclusive living

Offer your guests the ultimate experience:

No deposit. Just move them in.

Reduce move-in cost

Lower the guests' spending by up to 50%.

Help them move-in stress-free!

For you

Rent faster, increase occupancy,
reduce turnaround

Deposit-free rooms are rented up to 2x faster!

Lower your OpEx

No need to collect, manage and give back cash deposits ever again!

Start your deposit-free journey now!

Rimbo’s deposit free living is agile and flexible. We understand each and every partner has their own way or working, so we’ve built our product in a way that can easily fit into your booking and living flow.

Booking integrations? APIs? You name it - we got it!