Offer More Protection

Give your landlords much more security!

With Rimbo, offer your landlords the best alternative to traditional deposits that will provide them with greater protection, as well as a quicker turnaround between rentals

Why is Rimbo the Next Best Thing
for Property Owners and Agencies?

Greater Coverage

Up to 200% more coverage against unpaid rent, property damages or utilities non-payment. Give landlords the comfort of knowing they are better protected than before.

Fast Move-ins

With no additional deposits, you can move-in your tenants the same day! And when it’s time to move out - no need to spend time on managing and returning deposits.

Higher Occupancy

By eliminating the additional deposit, access to a rental becomes much easier, faster and accessible for all potential tenants, ensuring that properties remain vacant for the minimum time possible.

Know your Tenant

Rimbo's technology provides you with a better understanding of your tenant. With our cutting edge technology you make sure you only rent to good tenants.

Interested in the new way of renting?