About us

Our team is formed of a group of friends coming from the tech and the real estate industries. As tenants and landlords we understand the struggles of renting an apartment, a basic part of our lives. Renting should be easy and safe, without having to say goodbye to a big portion of our hard earned cash, serving as a deposit.

We believe there is a better way and we decided to find a solution.
With the goal of allowing tenants to rent deposit-free, providing the landlords with more security, we came up with Rimbo.

The team

Our team consists of people with experience across the finance, tech and real estate sectors. Coming from leadership roles at companies like Google, Criteo, Ernst and Young, Avny Group, Spot.im and IESE business school.

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Roy Sagi
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Ofir Avny
Group 254

VP Business development

Dory Benvenisti

Companies that work with us

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