Rent and keep making plans

With Rimbo, you can rent an apartment without putting down a deposit. No need to say goodbye to your money. You can invest your savings in something more worthwhile, like a weekend trip to Paris or 2,000 cups of coffee at your favorite café.

Rent and be free

Goodbye to the deposit
We replace your rental deposit with a small fee. Pay it once, regardless of the length of your contract, and it’s done!
Pay less
Reduce your electricity, gas, water or internet expenses. Get better prices and conditions thanks to our collaboration with Polaroo.
Polaroo service
Fast and safe
All procedures are online and very fast. Furthermore, the end of the rental is fair and transparent and in case you have to make a charge *, process it quickly online. * Up to the limit of coverage
Get rewarded
It's time someone rewarded you for being a model tenant. We'll give you discounts that will get you into your new home even faster.

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Renting with Rimbo

Legal deposit

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1%-1.5% of annual rent*

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*Annual or one time payment

No plans of moving anytime soon?

If you already have a rental and are not moving soon, we also have options for you!

Save more with Rimbo

Become a member for free and you will enjoy the best offers in water, electricity, gas and internet. Discover the best suppliers for you and hire them with just one click: Polaroo will take care of the name change and paperwork. Doesn't sound bad, huh?

Get your deposit back

Invite your real estate agent to join Rimbo and you’ll soon be able to get your deposit back.  We’ll get in touch with them and let them know about all the advantages Rimbo has to offer.

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